Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver

By Shirley - Posted on 08 January 2013

Using the latest in technology CCR’s maximize your gas supply of Nitrox and provide the optimum breathing gas for any depth by maintaining a constant partial pressure of oxygen (PPO2). Their silence, longer bottom time, and warm moist air make diving a rebreather very appealing.

During the dives your Instructor will teach you all the necessary skills to conduct CCR dives safely and with confidence that you can handle any situation that may arise. Some of the information and skills you will be learning include:

  • Setup and maintenance of the unit
  • Loop volume management
  • Calibration of electronics
  • Emergency procedures
  • Calculating offboard gases supplies
  • Removing and replacing offboard gases
  • Buoyancy control
  • CNS tracking

Your rebreather training is very extensive and includes online academic learning, classroom interactive lessons, hands on assembly and skills review, confined space skills practice, and ocean skills dives.

Nanaimo Dive Outfitters is pleased to offer rebreather training on both the Hollis Prism 2 and the ISC Megalodon. We have a service technician for the Prism 2 on staff and provide all the consumables for the units including the oxygen sensors and the scrubber material. Training can be done on an individual basis or in small groups either in our waters or at one of many international destinations that support rebreather diving.

Rebreathers are an exciting and fun way to add more adventure to your scuba diving.

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